August 21, 2010

Easy Wall Art

For awhile I've been wanting to do something with the small space above my closet since my bed faces in that direction. I'd been planning on doing some sort of vinyl saying like "Live life to it's fullest" or something with that feel. Then one day I was roaming around Kmart and found some simple black frames for a quarter each. Then something sparked in my head so I raced back home, pulled out some colorful scrapbook paper.

I have to apologize for the lack of pictures in this one. I was in such a hurry to make the picture in my head a reality that I didn't think to grab my camera until it was all said and done. So, you'll have to deal with my boring dialogue.

I picked out four shades of paper in cheery colors with a simple design. I ended up with a teal, spring green, bubble gum pink and orange. I took out the glass from the picture frames and measured and cut the paper. Then I placed the paper inside, along with the glass, just like a regular picture.

Next, I made a quick trip to Michael's to get some wood letters. I decided to go with "LIVE." Instead of having a long quote or phrase, I wanted LIVE, simply LIVE. I painted these letters black and hot glued one on each frame. After I was done, they still needed a little something. After wondering what to do I decided to tie two ribbons on the L and embellish the V frame with some silk flowers.

And this is the finished product.