July 6, 2010

Jewelry/Knick-Knack Box

So I'm very much the person who would rather repurpose something than throwing it in the garbage. Which is why I have a whole drawer of...well, basically junk. But if you're a semi-crafty person you know that one man's trash is another man, excuse me, woman's treasure.

And this little characteristic of mine rebelled violenty when a friend of mine wanted to throw this cologne box away:

Um, hello mister! Do you not see the potential here?? I just loved the untraditional way it opened...the lid slides off if you can't tell from the picture. So after asking for it and receiving a weird look, I got my soon to be treasure! And this is what I did...

I'm not gonna lie, I didn't have big plans for this treasure box of mine. All I really had in mind was some new scrapbook paper I bought at Robert's two days prior. Paper that I absolutely loved and had to put on display. So my only plan was to simply Modge Podge that paper on and "gjush" it up a bit.
So I picked my paper and on the backside, traced all the sides of my box and the lid.
Once the paper was cut out, I made sure it would line up perfeectly with the box. After some minor trimming, I stamped the edges of the paper with a black ink pad. I even brushed it lightly across the entire paper. These are my four main pieces:
The next step was to simply glue it on with Modge Podge. I used a matte finish, but the glossy would work fine. I didn't originally plan on doing the inside of the box, but I later changed my mind...of course.
For the top, I used the opposite of the paper and Modge Podged it to the lid. Then I had some decorative 3-D stickers that I adhered to the top. After going over all the edges one more time with the ink pad I was done! What a quick, simple project! And I absolutely love it :)


  1. What a great idea! I'm following from Tatertots and Jello

  2. Love it! I'm so glad you didn't let that box get thrown out-- it's so cool.

  3. That's just perfect! You did a fantastic job!!!