October 13, 2010

Waiting For Fall...

With the nip in the air this morning (I had to pull out my four inch-thick sweater!) I'm already thinking ahead to the holidays. Which is completely weird since I absolutely love Halloween and could never skip it! But ideas for fall wreaths are running (sporadically) throgh my head and I'm getting the itch. You know, the crafting itch? That irrepressible urge to craft no matter the time of day, lack of materials or how many responsibilites already lie on your plate. But I'm controlling myself...sorta.

In the meantime, I had to do something. I noticed that my front door display still needed a little extra somethin-somethin. And I knew just what to do!

I was at a friend's house the other day who gave me a few extra decorations she no longer needed. Incuding these:

I immediately knew what I wanted to do with the cute pot. I went outside and found some "creepy" twisted looking sticks and spray painted them a metallic was all I had on hand but I think it worked!

I had some floral foam and stuck it in the bottom of the pot and put some rocks around it to weigh it down. After the sticks were dry I stuck them in the foam. I had a package of spider web stuff I picked up at Wal Mart ealier. I put some at the base of the sticks to cover the foam and rocks. Then I loosely hung some around the sticks.
I thought it needed a little extra so I hung some paper bats from a few of the sticks.
For the bats I just printed out an outline and cut them out of black cardstock.
I have a little planter stand that had been sitting {somewhere} in storage for awhile. After sucking it up, I dug through the storage and finally found it.

I laid some more spider webs on the top part and set the pot on top. I used the cute ghost house to fill in the bottom layer and nestled some more spider web around that. And since I only paid for the spider web ($2) I had an awesome Halloween display for practically nothing!

Happy Halloween!!


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