May 18, 2010

Camera Case

For my birthday not too long ago I was given a brand new point and shoot camera...something I desperately needed/wanted! I needed a case for it so I was just going to throw a quick one together from some fabric scraps. Well, that was until I became aware of the felt craze that is going on. Can I just say I love felt? It's easy to work with, it's cheap and it doesn't fray. So I decided to make a felt camera case.

I had a picture in my mind of a simple case with a top flap that was accented with some sort of decoration. So I started with four different sheets of felt, I chose teal, white, purple and baby blue. I started with my decoration just because I knew that would take the most time. Here's what I came up with:

My materials:
I just measured out three circles. The first one is about 2 1/2 inches, the second one is 2 inches and the third is about an inch and a half.
I had my handy dandy glue gun nearby so I put one dot of hot glue in the center of the two larger circles and attached them as shown in the picture. Then I threaded on multi-colored seed beads. This part is hard to explain so I'm going to do my best! So after threading four beads on you back track and thread your needle through those four again before adding on the next set. Make sense? Probably not. If you need more clarification I'll post a video on the tutorial to better explain it. So you'll continue that process all the way around each circle. For the center decoration I threaded three beads on and made the second stitch right next to the first one so that they would bunch. I repeated that two times, but of course you can do it as much as you like.

Now for the actual case! After measure my camera I cut out three pieces of felt (one teal, two baby blue) that measured the length of my camera plus an additional inch and a half on the length side and the width side. Just to clarify, the ouside of my case is teal and for extra cushion the inside will be a different piece of felt in baby blue. Anywho, the second piece of teal felt is going to be the same width, but an additional 3-4 inches. This one will be used as the back and the flap piece.

On the smaller teal piece I attached the soft side of the velcro. I really wanted a snap to make it "classier" but I didn't have any on hand so velcro had to do! Oh and since I had my best friend on hand (aka the hot glue gun) I both glued and stitched on the velcro. I'm not too confidant in my sewing skills if you couldn't tell. :P

After that is stitched on, I layer the four pieces in order from bottom to top: larger teal pices, the two baby blue pieces and the smaller teal piece with the velcro strip. Using baby blue embroidery floss I stitched around the edges, about an inch in. I preferred the larger stitches but that's all up to you, my friend.

Once you are happy with that, cut off the excess felt. I cut my teal felt closer to the seam than the baby blue so that the dimension of the accent color can show.

Back to the circle decoration...on the backside of the circle I sewed on the rough side of the velcro strip. I attached it very close to the bottom of the circle. The other half of the circle I sewed/glued on to the top of the flap.

Then ta-da! You, my friend, are finished and ready to protect your camera!
(PS...Miss Blonde here really wanted to take a picture of her camera in it's case....until she realized that's not really possible. Whoops!)

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