May 20, 2010

Picture Frame Makeover

This picture frame was given to me a few years ago from a friend of mine. She was a foreign exchange student from Brazil. After we graduated we stayed in touch for awhile, but now it's been a few years and we've both have moved a few times and have lost contact. Now I think it's okay to update the frame without hurting her feelings, because frankly the frame doesn't match my decor at all. So I ended up turning that into this:
The first step was the clean the frame and remove the "smile" embellishment. After that was done I pulled out my best friend...Mod Podge. Okay, so really the hot glue gun is my best friend, but Mod Podge comes in at a close second! I love a black and white color scheme, so classic and elegant. So I had some black tissue paper that I simply tore into pieces and glued on with MD (Mod Podge).
The bright orange was still peeking through so I ended up doing two layers of the tissue paper and it turned out just the way I had originally pictured it (when does that ever happen??).
I cut a strip of black lace and attached it to the bottom of the frame, pleating as I glued.
I trimmed off the excess lace (and kept it for later use of course!). I originally wanted two posies made from text like these I saw at From Glitter to Gum Drops. But that didn't turn out and I ended up just cutting out a lopsided circle, inking the edges and gluing a black with white polka-dot scrapbook flower. I added a white ribbon and a few rhinestones and that was that!

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  1. What an elegant makeover! It kind of looks like old leather. I use this tissue paper technique alot, if you check out my post on 3D with hot glue and tissue paper you can see my latest idea. Your addition of the flower is cute and clever!