May 14, 2010

Rainbow Cupcakes

A few months ago, while we were immersed in St.Patty's, I decided to do this cupcake that's been on my mind for awhile. It's nothing new...but it's a cupcake. I had no chance of resisting it's lure. I cannot honestly remember where I saw this idea for the first time, but if I could, I promise I would give credit where credit was due.

Anywho...onwards we go! Pretty much all you need is white cake here you can be an awesome over-achiever and make yours from scratch or you can be like me and say hello to good old Mrs. Crocker (or is it Ms. Crocker?? Hmm...we have a mystery, folks). After you get your cake batter whipped up, divide the batter evenly into six bowls. Add some food coloring in the colors of the rainbow (red, orange, yellow, green, blue & purple) or whatever colors you fancy. You should get this:

Then fill your cupcake liners with a spoonful of each color, layering evenly. Just a fun tip, use plain white liners. When you finish the cupcake, the liners look awesome! I almost wanted to save them to use for another crafts...but luckily I stopped myself. I have limits...that I mostly adhere to.

Back to the project...So like I said, layer a spoonful of purple batter and coat the bottom evenly, then follow with blue, making sure not to disturb the layer below. Continue until you finish with the red layer. Or you can be different and put them in any order you please. Go ahead, be a rebel.

Once everything is layered-out, pop those suckers in the oven according to the mix's directions. Mine were in at 350 for about 30 mins...they needed a few more minutes than the recommended time. And when that dinger get these yummy concoctions:

So I left it up to the kid-lings to frost. I just used some Whipped vanilla frosting combined with a bit of Cool Whip for a lighter look and taste. In my mind I was picturing white, fluffy clouds. Of course the kiddos saw things differently, like they always do. Oh and I couldn't help but break out the sugar sprinkles...guilty. Now, if only I could've left it up to a maid to clean up the mess....oh, I guess that's me.
That darling ten-year-old pictured above is Emily...aka, Emily May-May, being very precise in her sprinkling. The kids loved them and I'm sure we'll get around to making them again this summer. I already have tons of variations running through my crazed mind.


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  1. Those are darling! And I love Cool Whip on anything, it just tastes better that way :-)
    I'd love for you to add these to Cupcake Tuesday!